Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Information About Mr. Kreie

Follow along this year on Twitter with @BHSGeometry!

Also, @kreiem can be used to hear updates on Mr. Kreie's life.

If you're interested in Mr. Kreie's website, here is a link.  

First Day - Here We Come!

The first day of school is today.  In our district, the first day is a back-to-school type event where the parents come to class with the students.  Each class is only 10 minutes long, so not a whole lot of learning can take place.  Introductions, a brief overview of expectations, and contact information is the gist.

Still no word on the laptop delivery date.  Come on, FedEx!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Flexibility in Teaching

8 days until school starts...

It turns out our 60 laptops were ordered on August 8th, and we have not received them yet.  We may or may not get them in place before the first day of school.  This is very frustrating because we have already put in countless hours of planning and preparing to be able to use them extensively the first three days of school.

Here's to keeping our fingers crossed they arrive in the next few days and are able to be imaged and ready to go by next Tuesday.  And if not, this is just another example of teachers needing to be flexible in all they do.  Even the best laid plans are sometimes too simple.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

MathTwitterBlogosphere - #MTBoS

I'm skimming through my nightly Common Core Math Resources & blogs I follow, and I have noticed the twitter handle #MTBoS re-occurring lately.  I do a little digging and decide to join the MathTwitterBlogosphere world.

I just got done reading Andrew Shauver's blog post about why he is not worried about the future of math in the U.S.  In a nutshell, he believes there is a movement that has started led by math geeks interested in changing the way we teach math.  Less traditional routine - more innovative, creative, technologically rich lessons.

I have to say that I agree with Mr. Shauver on this one.  We have so many free, online resources that are engaging to the students.  And each day more are created.  Within 5 years, I think there will be enough materials online that teachers will hardly need a textbook to teach from.  Exciting times!