Saturday, August 9, 2014

MathTwitterBlogosphere - #MTBoS

I'm skimming through my nightly Common Core Math Resources & blogs I follow, and I have noticed the twitter handle #MTBoS re-occurring lately.  I do a little digging and decide to join the MathTwitterBlogosphere world.

I just got done reading Andrew Shauver's blog post about why he is not worried about the future of math in the U.S.  In a nutshell, he believes there is a movement that has started led by math geeks interested in changing the way we teach math.  Less traditional routine - more innovative, creative, technologically rich lessons.

I have to say that I agree with Mr. Shauver on this one.  We have so many free, online resources that are engaging to the students.  And each day more are created.  Within 5 years, I think there will be enough materials online that teachers will hardly need a textbook to teach from.  Exciting times!

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