Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Technology & Computer Update

Sorry for the lack of updates... life is super busy for me right now.  My family and I recently moved into our new house.  We survived without internet at home for about 10 days.  It's tough to compose blog posts without access to the web.

Here's the latest on our computer and 1:1 situation...
We received the Dell laptops a couple of weeks ago.  As the tech department started imaging them, they noticed the styluses were not working with the machines.  To make a long story a little less long, the 60 Dell computers were packaged up and sent back to the supplier.

Needless to say, my colleague and I were not excited to wait and see what solution was going to be laid before us.  It turns out our technology department was working two bids for the laptops, so they immediately called the company with the "losing" bid.  They were able to ship us their product within and week and now we have the Lenovo Yoga laptop with stylus.  After being able to compare both computers, we are happy with the way things ended up.

The laptops are here, imaged, and in our classrooms.  The tech guys installed a wireless access point right in my room and signal strength is excellent.  Today we officially rolled the computers out to the students and completed our first homework assignment with the computers.

We have one final hurdle to clear.  Our 60 licenses for Geometer's Sketchpad are needing to be re-activated by KCP because we failed to de-authorize the computers that held the licenses last year.  After that, we hopefully should be fully ready to go.  Finally.

I've got another post coming in the near future.  I plan to talk about some of the hidden benefits of team teaching.  I will also posts some pics of the students and our computers.

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