Thursday, March 19, 2015

4-State Math Collaboration - Round 2

I recently returned from beautiful Phoenix, AZ and round 2 of the 4-state math leadership collaboration event.  It was again great to discuss and plan potential action strategies for helping implement the Common Core standards into 6-12 math classrooms across the region.

A couple of highlights from the meeting...
1.  Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset is something worth looking into if you haven't heard or seen the research yet.  (Keywords: Carol Dweck, Mindset)  This brain research can be applied to many areas of life.  The 4-state event facilitators had us analyze our mindset through the lens of a math leader.  I knew right away that I had a fixed mindset when it comes to me being a leader.  As a matter of fact, I blogged about it after the first leadership event in Rapid City this past fall.  I placed teachers into four categories and went on to say that I have no time for teachers that want to be left alone.  I had a very fixed mindset about being able to lead those particular teachers.

I want to expose my students to the concept of fixed vs. growth mindset in the fall.  I think it might be a great first week activity.

2.  The state of SD (and IA, ND, and MT) are closer to having a plan in place to help grade 6-12 math teachers have more support and resources as we implement the CCSS-M.  We have one more meeting in June that will finalize some of those plans.

3.  There are a wealth of resources available online that math teachers need to be made aware of.  I thought I knew about most of the Common Core resources and it turns out I was mistaken.  Once again, math teachers need one centralized location that provides details on the best resources available.

4.  The weather in Phoenix is beautiful in March.

I left the event feeling very empowered and ready to help initiate change.  Great professional development is very refreshing and motivating.  I'm excited for the final event in June.

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