Friday, September 18, 2015

Student Centered Advanced Algebra 2 Activities

I love it when students are active learners and are collaborating with one another.  I really love it when technology is involved.  The past two days of Advanced Algebra 2 have been a buffet of fun for me.

We have begun our unit on functions.  After a day of discussing topics such as mapping diagrams, function notation, domain and range, vertical line test, etc, we turned our attention to representing and modeling relationships with graphs.

On Wednesday, students analyzed distance - time graphs with a heavy thanks to this MARS MAP activity.  Students worked in groups of two to sort and match the graph, table, and story.

On Thursday, students completed the Desmos Water Line activity.  I have students reflect after doing Desmos activities, and here is what some of my students had to say today.

"It was a fun and simple way of looking at something that can be very complex."

"It made me think, and it was fun to create my own glass."

"It changed the way how I look at how water glasses fill up."

Responses like that are GLORY in its finest form.

I told students that I would take the most creative glasses and post pictures of them on Twitter.  We are hoping that @Desmos will retweet our post.  Time will tell if we were successful!

Here are some of the more creative glasses we had.

E.P. - 2nd Hour

O.D. - 2nd Hour

C.A. - 3rd Hour

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