Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vikings / Seahawks win probability

Growing up in Minnesota, it's a state law that you must cheer for the local professional sports teams (assuming that you follow sports).  Being the law abiding citizen that I am, I've had to endure numerous heart breaks and losing seasons from my beloved Vikings and Timberwolves.  (I'm also a closet bandwagon Twins fan, but don't know enough about hockey to follow the Wild.)

Today's Vikings loss was as gut-wrenching as any since the 1998 NFC title game.  As I browsed through ESPN tonight, I did happen to stumble onto this crazy Win Probability graph.  I've seen these graphs before; the best ones are when teams have miracle-like wins, such as today's game.

I'm thinking I can use this graph down the road when learning about probability and / or graphs of functions.

For the article that describes some of the swings, click here.  It hurts to be a Vikings fan.

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  1. Awesome graphic and idea. I like the connection to real life too. I found this on the MTBoS blog for One Good Thing. If your heart is really broken, I've sure the Wild could help heal that heart! They would be great to root for at the middle of the pack right now! I'm gonna browse the rest of your site. I also teach HS students and 2:1 all the time and 1:1 with a bit of work.