Saturday, February 6, 2016

Teach My Lesson - MTBos Week 4

The fourth and final week of the #MTBoS Blogging Initiative is here.  I am sitting at the South Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference, wrapping up my thoughts from the event.  My co-teacher Jarrod and I presented at two sessions yesterday.  The second was titled "Why You Need to Bring Desmos Into Your Classroom."  We found that there are a number of teachers who do not yet know about the Desmos Teacher site and the activities that can be found there.

Which leads me my version of "Teach My Lesson."  

If you're new to Desmos, do the following... go to  Enter code "5xy6".  Complete the activity.  This lesson actually follows a different lesson that I do that introduces students to transformations of functions.  (For that activity, enter code "xsnx".)

If you're already a user, here are the links that you can use to customize these two activities.

Transformation of Functions

Standard Form of Quadratic Functions

Desmos has so much potential for exploring mathematics, especially ones algebraic in nature.  I have found that students gain a lot of ownership of the math involved in these activities.  It's important to have students reflect and summarize their discoveries as part of these lessons.

If you happen to use either of these, I'd love to hear feedback.  Best of luck!

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  1. Yup, Desmos is a pretty handy tool. I'll admit that I haven't done anything myself with their activities - but it looks like you've got a pretty good one going there! (Do you have computers available in your class? That's part of my reticence, booking labs. I suppose I could assign it to play with at home.)

    I like the slide specifically addressing that issue of left/right, often confuses people, and there's an interesting mix afterwards with the zeroes. Wouldn't have occurred to me. (I am reminded of my slight pet peeve for 'h' and 'k' being used, when 'k' gets used for other stuff later, but it's hard to change a decades old tradition.) Hope your students offer interesting titles during their reflecting!