Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Algebraic Reasoning with Mobiles

This summer I had the opportunity to teach other teachers through the South Dakota Counts program.  I enjoyed working with teachers from around the state and learned a lot from them.

I especially like the resources that CAMSE kicks out each year.  One of my favorite resources that I gained exposure to is Math Mobiles.  These puzzle type challenges do a great job of developing algebraic and logical reasoning.

I did some searching for where I could my hands on some more of these, and thanks to a blogger by the name of JFairbanks , I found a site that not only had pre-made challenges, it also allows you to create your own.

Solve Me Mobiles

Here is an example (I recommend you check out the site and play on there):

Students are to find the value of each shape, assuming that the mobile is balanced and adds to the total weight in the top circle.

I'm excited to try some of these out on my students!

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