Thursday, October 16, 2014

Above the "Substitution" Step

Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura, Ph.D. has developed a model of tech integration that I first read about last year while our school flirted with the idea of moving to a 1:1 laptop setup. The model is called SAMR and is pretty simple to understand.  As teacher integrate new technology into their classrooms, the use of the technology falls into one of four categories: substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition.  (For more depth on the SAMR model, follow this link.)

So far this year, my co-teacher Jarrod Huntimer and I have been living in the "substitution" step of the SAMR model.  UNTIL TODAY.

We found this problem in our Pearson (c) 2015 textbook.

Instead of assigning this problem from the textbook, we assigned this instead:

Using Google maps, find an image (map) of two lines being interested by a transversal.  Snip the image and paste it into Sketchpad.  Using the line tool (in sketchpad), draw lines and label on top of the image.   Label the angles created with numbers.  Finally, identify each of the following:

·         One set of corresponding angles
·         One set of alternate interior angles
·         One set of alternate exterior angles
·         One set of same-side interior angles

Students were then to snip their sketch and paste it into their word document and submit it.

Students were able to go anywhere in the world they wanted to find their diagrams.  Some found a map near their grandmother's house; others explored overseas and to their native countries.  All were engaged and using the technology as more than a substitute to paper and pencil.  

We had many diagrams that you'd expect to see, such as the one here:

And then we had some where students got interestingly creative, such as here:
We hope to augment and modify more of our lessons and activities.  The good news is we have finally ironed out enough of the wrinkles to be able to start relying on the technology.

Some more pics that were promised in earlier posts...

30 of our 60 Lenovo Yogas are ready to go.

Students are able to use the Yogas as laptops or as tablets w/ a stylus.

The Yogas also include a touchscreen.

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