Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Differentiated Review Day

Our test over unit 4 is tomorrow (parallel lines, skew lines, transversals, angle relationships, triangle sum and exterior angle theorems, etc).  So today we gave students some options on how they could review and study for the test.

Here is how the day unfolded...
Prerequisite: All students had to complete all homework assignments before moving on to the review activities.  For most, the homework assignments were already complete.  For those not done, this gave them an opportunity to finish and wrap up loose ends before the test.

Review option #1:
We created a unit review packet and sent it through Edmodo.  Students could work individually, in small groups, or with partners to do as many problems as they felt necessary.  The review packet was organized by section; if a student felt as if they struggled on a particular section, they could review that part of the packet.

Review option #2:
Students have access to a number of resources on the Pearson SuccessNet site.  Interactive lessons, homework video tutors, and MathXL review problems are all on the buffet.  Again, students could work in individually or in small groups if they'd like.  This is again a great option for those who prefer to work alone.

Review option #3:
Mr. Ott created a Kahoot review for students to play.  Students that wanted to play went with him to room 101 and battled for class champion status.

If a student wanted to choose more than one option, all three of these could completed outside of class with access to the internet.

Thanks to having two rooms, three teachers, and laptops available, this format was easy to implement.

One of our three Kahoot champions!

Three individuals that chose to work together to review.

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