Sunday, August 30, 2015

Geometry Vocab Activity

In today's lesson, we borrowed an idea from Andrew Shauver and had our students complete an introductory vocabulary exploration.

Students had to come to class with introductory vocabulary words already defined (using their web resources and / or textbook).  Then they worked in groups to generate a "group definition".  They entered their "group definition" into a Google Form.  After all responses were gathered, we came up with a whole class definition and clarified any syntax and notations that went along with the terms.

Students work in table groups to complete the introductory vocabulary exploration.

In addition, we used all of the group's definitions to create a wordle for each term.  (It was very simple to do... go to the Google Form response sheet, copy all of the text for any term, and paste into wordle!)  We were pleased with what was created and decided to print some for our walls.

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