Friday, August 28, 2015

Learning on the Fly with Google Classroom

This past week, students walked through our doors again.  But this time, they each had a computer!

We (Jarrod and I) made the switch to Google Classroom as our classroom management system.  Students are using Google Drive for their storage and two work very nicely together... most of the time.

We have done plenty of troubleshooting this week, with most of our issues falling into one of three categories.

1.  Students are signing in / using their personal Google accounts instead of their K12 account.

2.  Google Drive becomes "disconnected", which then doesn't sync the files we send into the Drive folders.

3.  Students don't follow directions about how to access the files we send them.  We are asking students to "open" the documents in Google Classroom (which then creates a copy in their Google Drive folder, and we have access to it).  Then they are to work on their document via their desktop drive folder, save, and we're set.  Instead of doing that, some students download the document, save it somewhere except their Classroom Drive folder, and we can't see it.

Of the 138 total students in our classes, we've only had two that have had some serious issues getting their Google stuff setup.  Not too bad!

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